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20.05 2020
Presentation of Epsilon 175 installed on Fixed Wing UAV - covert tracking of the activity of the troops. Video shows clear identification and tracking movement of the troops, tracking target movement in the wood and detection of covert activities.
14.05 2020
The Epsilon 180 is a more technologically advanced Full HD electro-optical, Mid-wave infrared, Laser Range Finder and Laser Pointer (EO/MWIR/LRF/LP) ISR payload providing exceptional daylight imaging, improved MWIR performance and extended LRF range.
20.04 2020
Video shows Schiebel S-100 Camcopter S100 UAV resupplying soldiers with battlefield cargo. Footage taken by Epsilon 175 EO/MWIR gyro stabilized ISR camera system installed on Fixed Wing UAV Penguin C.