About Us

A subdivision of UAV Factory Ltd

Octopus ISR Systems is a subdivision of UAV Factory Ltd., the world’s leading developer of the Penguin range of fixed wing UAVs and auxiliary components. In the rapidly developing field of unmanned aerial vehicles, we design subsystems, develop platforms, and manufacture airframes. We offer products that are unmatched in quality and unparalleled in technological advancement.

Full product manufacturing cycle in-house

Octopus ISR Systems does full product manufacturing cycle in-house: from development to design, from prototyping to hand-tuning. Nearly every component is produced under the same roof. This approach ensures exceptional quality, fast product development cycle, and reasonable prices. We control every detail of our product design and manufacturing. Being a control freak is a good thing in our industry.


Officially launched in March 2016

Octopus ISR Systems was officially launched in March 2016. Its parent company UAV Factory was established back in 2009. Soon after inception, UAV Factory was producing fixed wing unmanned aircrafts, pneumatic catapults, on-board generator systems, portable ground control stations, and other products.  Today, UAV Factory’s Penguin range of UAV platforms and subsystems constitute a benchmark for light (up to 55 lbs) fixed wing UAVs.

Products that outrival the solutions available on the market

Upon completing the development of its flagship Penguin C fixed wing unmanned aircraft system, the company started to explore advanced imaging payloads suited for small UAVs. In the absence of well-stabilised solutions on the market, UAV Factory made a decision to take on the challenge and develop its own working solution.  Since mid-2013, the company has invested in engineering efforts to develop products that outrival the solutions available on the market.


Strong focus on ISR solutions

As a result, the company developed Epsilon range of imaging payloads. This product line turned out to be in high demand; therefore, in late 2015 a decision was made to form a separate division with a strong focus on ISR solutions, such as Epsilon advanced gimbals, IP datalinks, tracking antennas, and ground control stations.